Hey there,

I appreciate your time here on my page. This section always feels awkward, talk about yourself. 

Here we go...

I’m a passionate, fun, easy going and curious eternal learner. I reside in Dallas, Texas ( I’m a transplant originally from L.A.). I enjoy traveling and meeting people. I love spending time with my loved ones and friends (when I can). I’ve been married to an incredible man for almost 6 years. We've been together for 10 years, side note we met on match.com.

My friends/family may describe me as a news/politics junkie. I am very much into social issues affecting our country. I believe in holding our elected officials accountable. 

When I'm not bothered by the troubles of the world, I am enjoying time; traveling, reading and spending time with my loved ones. I recently became a proud dog owner (my first dog) name Charles Winston Martin aka "Charlie". He's the love of our lives. 

Why The Unconventional Woman?

The term has become an endearment for me once I became more secure being Summer Carmel Gory-Martin. Growing up, as a dark-skinned girl I often felt unpretty. I have thick black kinky hair and I wanted it bone straight. I wanted to be lighter, I wanted my hair as flat as possible because the images I saw told me I wasn’t good enough.

As a young professional trying to climb the corporate ladder, whenever I came in for an interview I would get “Oh you’re Summer”. It was as if I disappointed their short minded assumptions of what someone named Summer should look like. 

Today, I embrace being different and define how I think society should view me. I hope this show can do the same for you. Dare to be different and dare to always be you.


Once upon a time in Cabo. 

Once upon a time in Cabo.